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Here are some anagrams. An anagram, in case you are not familiar with the word, is the letters of a word that have been mixed up and you have to try to future out how to rearrange them back into the word again. For example, the letters C P S A E can be rearranged to spell the word SPACE. All of the anagrams here are between 8 and 10 characters long, which is long enough to be pretty difficult to figure out, but I have provided a clue along with each anagram that can help you figure out the solution - if you're clever enough to "get it". The letters are scrambled randomly by the computer, so the same anagram would probably come up in a different order if it came up again. (Although there are a thousand of them, so the chances of getting the same one twice are not very high unless you do an awful lot of them.)

Some notes:
There is always the possibility that more than one word can be made from the same set of letters. You are looking for the one that fits the clue(s). Otherwise, it will be called wrong. (Sorry, I'm just a hard-nosed bastard.)
Some of the words could be proper nouns (names), but this would be rare.
The same clue could be used for more than one word. However, each word is only in the database once.

I have provided some extra clues in case the first one doesn't do it for you. In regards to the word type, words can have more than one type. The same word with the same spelling can be both a noun and/or a verb and/or an adjective. I identify the one I believe to be most normal way that word is used.

Here is an anagram: I A U T M L T E

Clue: Try not to make too much of a mess of this one.

What is the word?