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I often feel foolish when attempting to perform what should be a very easy and mindless task and find myself unable to do so without a great deal of trouble. An example is trying to unwrap an item that comes tightly wrapped in plastic and there seems to be no way to get hold of the wrapping or otherwise start unwrapping the item. Recently I wanted to attach a photo to a backing, so I pulled out a role of "double stick" tape that I had my drawer. Pulling out a piece of the tape, I noticed that there was a backing on one surface which stated, "Remove to Expose Adhesive."

After struggling for several minutes to do just that, I gave up and decided to write to the company who manufactured the tape shortest letter I have ever written. I stuck a piece of the tape on a sheet of letterhead with the words "Remove to Expose Adhesive" showing. Underneath I printed the word, "How?"