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I volunteered at the local library as an Internet room monitor. Another volunteer helped me out. Whereas the job was not enough to keep even one volunteer very busy, I spent a large part of the time reading. (What else is one do at a library?) One particular afternoon I was reading a book and jotting down an occasional note on a piece of paper. At one point my helper interrupted me by slipping a piece of paper in front of me which pointed out the name of a web site that one of the patrons was looking at -- a web site that it would not due to mention the name of, given that I wish for this site to be viewed by "general audiences". After jotting a quick note in response I handed her back the piece of paper, which she ripped up into pieces after smiling at it.

A few minutes later I found something of interest in the book I was reading and went to grab the piece of paper that I had been taking notes on but was not able to find it. My helper asked me if I was looking for the piece of paper which had some writing on it.

You guessed it! I had the chance to see how good she was at jigsaw puzzles.