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I sent several letters to President Bush with my concerns over the Iraq war. I finally received a letter in the mail with President Bush's signature at the bottom. Being delighted that the president of the United States would bother to respond to little old me I read the letter with great interest, only to discover that the letter contained only a general proclamation of the president's views on what was going on in Iraq. The letter did not directly address any of the specific concerns that I had outlined in any of my letters. I bundled together all of my previous letters with the president's letter and attached a new letter to the top asking that the president actually respond to what I had written in my letters.

A week later I received another response from the president in the mail. Once again with great enthusiasm I opened the envelope to read the president's new letter and discovered an amazing coincidence -- it read word for word exactly the same as the previous letter! (Something to be said for consistency I suppose...)