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I recently took a trip back to my home state and rented a car from one of the well-known rental agencies in order to get around while I was there. On the day I was to fly back I returned the car to them at the airport. When they presented my bill there seemed to be a slight overcharge compared to what I had been told would be the cost. As I was in a hurry to catch my plane I did not argue with the girl behind the counter. I saved my receipt and after I got home I reviewed it, determined exactly what the problem was, and wrote a letter to the company asking them into kindly correct the mistake.

Three months later I had still not received any refund or heard anything from them. However, that did not stop them from sending me an advertisement in the mail trying to get me to rent from them again. After receiving the advertisement I sent them the following letter:

Three and one-half months ago I sent you the attached letter. I haven't heard anything from you since then. Nevertheless, I am happy to report that I did receive the enclosed advertisement from your company. It's good to know that I have not been forgotten.

Sincerely, Ward Ricker