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I used to have various carpet cleaners do work at my house. I kept trying someone new until I could find somebody that I felt good about. I knew I had not found him on this particular occasion, though.

I told the fellow that I lived at 2650 Chambers Street. (Now you know where to send all my fan mail!) Chambers Street is one of the major streets in Eugene. So why he called me back and told me he was at the corner of 26th Avenue and Almaden Street (a non-major street) and wondering why he could not find me, I do not know. I told him to simply get on Chambers Street and look for number 2650. He still couldn't find it. Apparently, having my number posted on both my mailbox and my house didn't work for him. I had to walk out to the street and wave him over from a neighbor's driveway where he had stopped.

I guess I didn't need to be too surprised when I found out that he did not have his receipt book with him so he could give me a receipt after I paid him, huh?