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I was selling my house and took advantage of an offer by a Realtor who had sent me an advertisement in the mail offering to list my house on the Multiple Listing Service for a flat fee. The agent did not represent my house in any way, other than to list it so others would find it on the service.

I'm glad I didn't hire him at full fee to sell my house. My first sense of his abilities was when I discovered that he had listed my 1944 square foot house (which he had himself visited and inspected) as a 1200-something square foot house! Then I tried to find it on the Multiple Listing Service and couldn't find it because I was searching by ZIP code and he had listed it under the wrong ZIP code.

That was an easy enough mistake to make so I didn't think too much about it. I had to laugh one day, though, when I received an advertisement in the mail from him, addressed to "For Sale by Owner", introducing me to his services! Obviously I was a very memorable client!