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I attended a picnic put on by a group that I am a member of. Before the picnic a notice was sent out reminding everybody of pertinent information, such as things they should bring. One item everyone was to bring was their own chair.

I arrived at the picnic and unloaded the food and other items that I brought with me. I then ambled over to the area where everyone had set up their chairs and were sitting around engaged in conversation. I then chided myself for forgetting to bring my own chair. I doubly chided myself when I looked around and not a single chair that anyone had brought suited me, whereas I have a back condition and have to have a chair that will not cause me pain to sit in. So I stood for the whole picnic - not a particularly big problem since I am used to standing anyway, but I missed out on some conversations that I might otherwise have been part of.

After I got home I cleaned out my van -- including the two chairs that I had put in there to use at the picnic!!