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I was talking to a friend about absentmindedness, and he was telling me about having searched around his house trying to find his sunglasses, and, not able to find them, had found another pair to wear when he went out. When he got home he discovered his original pair of sunglasses - on top of his head!

I told him not to feel too badly. The day before I had been walking down the street and was getting a little distraught as I searched my pockets trying to find my cell phone. I was sure I had it with me, but could not seem to find it in any pocket. What was I doing as I was walking down the street frantically searching my pockets? Why, of course - I was talking on my cell phone!!!


I could not find my cell phone one evening. I looked everywhere in my house, as well as in my car. Finally, I did the logical thing and used the house phone to dial my cell number. Wallah! I found the phone immediately - in my pocket where I normally carry it!!