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I attended a friend's birthday party where we were playing a party game called "Two Truths and a Lie", where each person makes up three statements about him or herself, one of which is a lie, and it is up to the rest of the people to try to guess which statement is the false one. I finally thought of my three statements and, when it was my turn, procededed to indulge my audience with my three claims. First I told them, "I almost died as a baby." Secondly I claimed, "I climbed to the top of the highest 14'er (i.e., 14,000 foot high peak) in Colorado." Finally I told them, "When I was a child I once hit my mother in the head with a table leg." The timing of this last statement turned out to be perfect, as the chair as I was sitting on broke just as I finished saying it and I crashed onto the floor!

(And, no, that statement was not the lie! I did indeed commit such a nefarious deed. Of course, it was an accident -- come on now, give me some credit here!!)