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Word Chopping

There are some words in the English language which can be divided into two or more pieces, and each of the pieces will be a word. For instance, the word "notice" can be divided into the words "not" and "ice" (not-ice) and the word "transportation" can be divided into the words "transport", "at", and "ion" (transport-at-ion). Some words can be divided in more than one way. For instance, the word "transportation" could also be divided the following way: transport-at-i-on.

I have a habit of playing with words in my mind that I see while I am driving. One day, as I was engaging in this pastime, I happened to notice a normal, everyday word on a highway sign that could be divided up in this manner in at least 12 different ways, and each of the 12 ways would yield different combinations of legitimate words! Can you think of what the word might be?

Hint: The word was on a sign which gave information useful to motorists (such as, "Food and Lodging Next Exit "), rather than on a regulatory sign such as a speed limit sign.

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