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Susie Storyteller #1

Susie Storyteller was explaining the situation to the detective. "I went into the university with my laptop to confer with one of the professors regarding a problem that I am working on. When I came back to my car, I unlocked it and got in, set my laptop on the seat beside me, and was going to take off, but realized that I was winded from the walk across campus. It's amazing how out of shape you can get when you don't exercise regularly, so I spent about five minutes just resting with my eyes closed before I tried to start the car. After I rested and was about to start the car, I realized I could not find the car key. I reached into my pocket and it was not there, it was not in the ignition, and I could not see it anywhere in the car. Feeling frustrated, I decided that I needed to go back to the office at the university where I had been and see if I left it there. I know I should have carried the laptop with me, since I did not have the car key to lock it safely in the car, but I being so tired and as it is an older model and is fairly heavy, I took a chance and left it in the car while I went as quickly as I could back across campus. I found the key where I had left it in the professorís office and returned to my car, whereupon I saw a tall, bulky figure in a green jacket and a brownish cap running away from my car carrying a bag that looked exactly like the bag that my computer was in. I'm pretty sure it was a man, but I did not get a good look at his face. Do you think there's any chance you will be able to find him and retrieve my computer?"

"Well," replied the detective, "I'm not sure about the man you claim you saw running from your vehicle or about what might be the fate of your computer, but until you decide to tell us a truthful story, I suspect we shall not be able to help you."

What was Susie Storyteller's lie?

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