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A daffynition is a ridiculous definition applied to a normal, everyday word, usually because it sounds like something else, such as saying that denial is a river in Africa. Below are some daffynitions of some ordinary words. Can you guess from the daffynition given what the word is? Click on the blank to see the answer. (Javascript must be enabled.)

_______________: To remove the posteriormost part of an animal's body.

_______________: What small insects are to a gentleman.

_______________: What you might hope for after you've learned to see, hear, taste, smell and feel.

_______________: Inability to marry the one you love.

_______________: Someone you go out with who tells you what she really thinks of you.

_______________: Making sure that girl you are staring at is at last 18 years old.

_______________: Belief in religious writings.

_______________: Increasing one's offer at an auction.

_______________: It's at the edge of de lawn.

_______________: Getting one's male bovine out of the barn.

_______________: To let off on the tightness of those thumb screws.

_______________: Edna's sister, who is not very bright.

_______________: Playing tennis with that famous guy, Burl.

_______________: Replace the rubber on that old clunker.

_______________: A place to find fine voices.

_______________: In divorce proceedings, former spouse giving in to one's demands.

_______________: Careful language used by a convicted criminal.

_______________: To make decisions on how to go about doing something.

_______________: The primary people a landlord rents to.

_______________: To deface currency.

_______________: Located inside a supporting mechanism of your vehicle.

_______________: A convicted criminal who lives under a bridge and terrorizes those trying to cross over it.

_______________: Joyous over consuming a female animal.

_______________: First-person statement of tardiness.

_______________: Affirmation of the existence of a biting insect.

_______________: Getting stung on the palm of one's hand.

_______________: Tell an untruth over again.

_______________: A numeral greater than seven that is written in a bigger font than the other numerals around it.

_______________: A numeral greater than seven that won't stay where it belongs.

_______________: Removed personnel.

_______________: Two charts, side by side.

_______________: Attach a new starter to a stick of dynamite.

_______________: What's left below after you pull out all the ore.

_______________: One of the numerals in a mathematical ratio.

_______________: Having walls in an apartment that are higher than in one's previous unit.

_______________: Displaying the thinking patterns of stupid people.

_______________: Hatred of any person between 13 and 19 years old.

_______________: The part of a pool where people dive.

_______________: What is hoped for after a poor day.

_______________: Sort into bundles of two again.

_______________: Deed performed by an imbecile.

_______________: Indication that you have been accepted into a club.

_______________: A bug that lives on the moon.

_______________: Jesus on the water.

_______________: The criminal next door.

_______________: Talk about that dream last night.

_______________: Spotting your former spouse.

_______________: A narcissistic attitude.

_______________: What Jack planted before he climbed a beanstalk.

_______________: De part of de car around de wheels.

_______________: A country where everyone drives automobiles of a pale reddish color.

_______________: To find fault with your country.

_______________: That darn old country.

_______________: Someone from the orient who comes to visit late in the year.

_______________: Churchmen transported.

_______________: A nifty feline.

_______________: A rotund adolescent.

_______________: Device used by telemarketers to increase sales.

_______________: Feed a small pest.

_______________: The method of doing something without paying.

_______________: Stunts pulled by one's spouse.

_______________: Small plaything.

_______________: An expert at luring animals.

_______________: Energetic pointed projectile.

_______________: Time to be cooking with a skillet.

_______________: Unhappy time.

_______________: Put explosive devices back in the water.

_______________: Dress up a bovine creature.

_______________: Something spoken by a large flightless bird.

_______________: Giving food to the posterior part of one's body.

_______________: Go on a search a second time.

_______________: In the form of what you pay for school.

_______________: A slimy, slithering creature.

_______________: Telling a bovine creature to get lost.

_______________: Take away someone's bad habits.

_______________: An appliance used in the kitchen.

_______________: An award for a man.

_______________: Music produced by an automobile.

_______________: A small buddy.

_______________: A fruity canine.

_______________: The manner of cooking using a Chinese skillet.

_______________: In the air above a group of cows.

_______________: To prefer a male bovine over a female.

_______________: The boundary of a property.

_______________: Writer's visual organs.

_______________: Hang around for a thousandth of a moment.

_______________: The opposite of "dat ridge".

_______________: Get some unexpected money.

_______________: Frequency with which one senses another person's feelings.

_______________: Tantrum on a kitchen surface.

_______________: Hole containing somewhat good groundwater.

_______________: Document identifying the government seats of states or countries.

_______________: Extremity of a large piece of rock.

_______________: Correct device used by a golfer.

_______________: A fragrance from a blue-colored bird.

_______________: Offering a chair to your guest from China.

_______________: Rags made from old trousers.

_______________: Iron clothing over again.

_______________: Affix an attachment to shade from the sun.

_______________: Visual sense organs allowed to wander at will.

_______________: More than seven people who are busy.

_______________: A temporary structure erected for your female sibling.

_______________: The results from removing the skin of a fruit, such as an apple.

_______________: One of your progenitors is a criminal.

_______________: Not a high B or a low D.

_______________: Bring in a song from another country.

_______________: Blame it on that wedding band you wear.

_______________: A fat evergreen tree.

_______________: Kitchen drain.

_______________: Unintelligent male sexual organ.

_______________: That prisoner in between cell D and cell F.

_______________: Cover the country with asphalt.

_______________: Illuminator way up on a pole.

_______________: Big Brother is watching!

_______________: Eyes that speak for themselves.

_______________: The U.S. between 2019 and 2017.

_______________: Traces leading to a convicted criminal.

_______________: Give a ride to a grandmother.

_______________: Direct a bovine creature.

_______________: Enumeration of concepts.

_______________: Bovine sight organs.

_______________: Heap something up.

_______________ (2 words): Upper temperatures in the lower range.

And here are some places:

_______________: Difficulty with her underwear.

_______________: A junkyard.

_______________: A dirty breakfast.

_______________: A drive by the sea.

_______________: A nuisance for a godly sort.

_______________: A corral.

_______________: Going from nothing to royalty.

_______________: The very worst rating for an automobile club.

_______________: Not fake.

_______________: Animal so lazy green stuff can grow on it.