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(Tune: He Lives!)

I serve a mythical figure. It makes me feel so gay.
I claim that he is living, whatever reason may say.
Please show me some mercy -- give me a little cheer.
Just because I'm crazy, please do not jeer.

In all the world around me I see his loving care.
Droughts, earthquakes and tornadoes remind us that he is there.
I know that he is leading through all the stormy blast,
Because I carry my brain down in my ass.

Rejoice, rejoice, oh, Christian. Lift up your voice and sing
About how naively you to myths and fables cling.
Go ahead and make an ass out of yourself.
Accept stuff on blind faith and put you brain up on a shelf.

They fib! They fib! Christ Jesus is a big fib!
They come up with these great big fibs and with them you they will rib.
They fib! They fib! Their nonsense to impart.
You ask me how I know they fib -- because I use my smarts.

© Copyright 2017, Ward Ricker