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Form for calculating how many planets in the galaxy have intelligent life

This calculation is based on the following assumptions:

Enter what you believe to be reasonable values for each of the following factors. Then click "Calculate" to see how many planets would result from that combination of factors. Enter all numbers as numeric numbers, e.g., "1,000,000" or "1000000", instead of "1 million".

How many stars are in the Milky Way galaxy? (100,000,000,000 is a well-accepted number: Cornell.edu, Space.com)

What percentage of the stars in the Milky Way galaxy have planets orbiting them?

What is the average number of planets for those stars that have planets orbiting them?

What percentage of those planets that exist will at one point during their existence develop conditions suitable for development of life?

On what percentage of those that develop conditions suitable for life will life actually develop?

On what percentage of those on which life develops will intelligent life develop?

What is the smallest length of time (in earth years) that it could take for intelligent life to evolve on a planet?

On those planets on which life evolves to the point of intelligent life, how many different times will it happen on average?

How many [earth] years will intelligent life persist on average once it evolves?