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Poetry Game

I'm not sure if this is exactly a "game", but how about trying to "match wits" with some poets. Here I provide you with the title and just a few key words of a poem that was written by someone else, including one of each of the rhyming pairs. Try writing your own poem that fits the pattern and then compare your poem with that of the original author. Maybe you'll like yours better! I'm an "old school" guy, so all the poems I include here are of the "rhythm and rhyme" variety. The number of blanks on each line indicate the number of words in the original poem.

Note: Only 4 poems so far, but more will be coming.


_____ _____ _____ swift, _____ race:
Not _____ _____ _____, _____ fight:
_____ _____ _____ righteous, _____ _____:
_____ _____ _____ wise, _____ _____.
_____ often _____ feet
_____ _____ _____ _____ goal;
_____ _____ _____ walk _____ _____ _____
_____ sunrise _____ _____ _____.