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The banks our friends our dearest friends, they’ve fallen on hard times.
They say we should not look back now, or judge them for their crimes,
They call to us to give a hand [out]. Things sure are looking blue.
Why not join in and help them out? We’ve already been screwed.

The CEO’s they work so hard each day to earn a buck
They know just how to help themselves, and their customers to … [bring luck].
When things go bad we should all be glad to pitch in and provide
A little welfare for our friends who live on the other side.

They keep their profits when times are good, but of course we understand.
We do not want to see them frown, we’ll lend a helping hand.
Don’t worry that our children a decent education will not get.
We’ll gladly help you in your need so you can keep your private jet.

They call on us to help them out in their time of need
How can we turn our backs on them, just because of a little greed?
The widow gave her mite, you know, and was blessed by the Lord
So give your taxes gladly for the CEO’s to hoard.

Roll out the millions. Put up the billions.
Take from the poor, give to the rich – Robin Hood be damned!
Come on you poor taxpayers; get into the game.
Support your loving CEOs, never to be blamed.