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Here are some anagrams of some words used in sentences. Be ready for puns! (I'm a punny guy, you know.) One thing to help you: For those answers that are more than one word, the number of characters in each group of letters is the correct number of letters for that word. That is, if you see IE PTO FORTMY, then you know that however the letters rearrange there will be a 2-letter word, followed by a 3-letter word, followed by a 6-letter word.

I came over here so that I could try to REHOVERA their conversation.

If you don't like the looks of your new pet when it is young, just wait and over time it will YOUR GO WON.

The weasel was telling the beaver that she used to have an extra coat, but the LIME STINK TO.

He didn't want to pay to ride the bus because he thought the price was "AFRUNE".

He said that her thought of adding an extra light in the kitchen was a RIGIDE BATH.

No matter how much he tried to get her to buy his nice, soft leather products, the salesman was unable to SHE-PRUDE ERE.

No mention is made in the Bible of what the penalty was for doing drugs, but scholars have suggested it was BINGO TENSED.

They had been trying to move that big boulder out of the yard for the last seven days, but they were unable to do it because they were AWK LEAL.

They were trying to figure out how heavy the cow was, but they couldn't figure it out because they were doing it WIG WORTH HENGE.

The beef company wanted a special promotion to get people's attention, so they decided to hold a ASKEW-STEEPS.

When the kitty cat at the club wagered his diamond that he could win her heart she said not to bother because she BED DEAN PHASE.

The park ranger said that the STAB FREAC of the matter were that Grizzly numbers were declining.

When he said that one of those yellow fruits just wasn't enough to fill him up, she said, "Well then, have a FORM AT HEEP".

When the burgers, fries and sodas arrived in the middle of the trial the judge declared "TRIED NO ERR TOUCH."

When the addict exclaimed how divine the drugs were his friend bid him SEGDEPOD.

Before the well-dressed businessman changed the tire he thought he should HEATER ACTING.

When the singing group needed some special robes before they could perform, it was necessary to I HORCH MEAT.

The group that got together to sing some songs decided to sit in a circle so they could sing ON U DRAIN.

He was having a hard time getting the bull to go into the barn where it was going to be castrated, but eventually they were able to NITRE ET IS.

The carpenter didn't need a hammer or a level when he went into the hardware store, but he was looking for a QUEERS ALDA.

"You really nailed it that time," he told the tall volleyball player. "You're so good TA PIGSKIN."

When the two quartets formed among the prisoners, they found that their music would GIVITTH-PEACE their audiences.

He thought that using covers with lots of holes in them, rather than solid ones, was a AGATE RIDE.

All the lions in the group were arrogant because they had a DIB GRIPE.

The gambler thought he was in heaven when he had a ISPARADE in his hands.

The boat owner thought that it was a good time to replace some of the rigging on his boat because there was I LOAN IT AS.

Burying her in the wrong plot was a RROAR VERGE.

The septic tank cleaner recorded his earnings as SINCE GROOMS.

The man's children ended up fighting over his will because they just had to REND FIFTH REHIRESIECE.

When the grass in the pasture turned a strange darkish color they still put their cattle out TOY AT GROUS.

Eating lettuce and peas is a good way to have lots of vim and vigor, because they are a source of EEEEY NNRRGG.

The miller quit his job because he was tired of the DRAIN GLIDY.

The woman thought it was just RATE-BALE that her new blouse ripped so easily.

When the thief saw the three pans he left behind the aluminum one because he liked EEL GHOST TWISTN.

When she asked about the fellow she frequently saw lying on the ground, she was told that he was DOTES OR NO OP.

When he was told that going through the mourning process was important to proper mental health, he exclaimed, "FROG GIODE!"

The fisherman with arthritis gave up trying to crank in the fish because it was a PILE NEAR.

I gave up hunting because I really love animals and consider them FINE SERDRED.

Not everyone can write good narrative, he said. It was a job FES ERR PHOTO.

He wanted all the money he could get, so when presented with the opportunity to take advantage of some gullible people ED H-EAGER.

The pig got tired of listening to her friend talking because she thought he was CABO A RUSH.

In their hikes she would never take the lead, but always DEBRAIL HINTED.

The rat and the mouse didn't like their mean cousin and referred to her as OH RAN WELDS.

When the woman tried to argue about the no smoking rule, she was told that the rule was firm, "No ABUST BUTIT TO!"

The railroad engineer was able to stop in time to avoid an accident becaue he had been TWIN RELADLE.

When asked who was picking apples in the back yard she said it must be her grandfather, because he was in her TIMELY FEAR.

The fat man ate the desert that nobody else wanted since either way it would OW IT GOATS.

They wouldn't hire the gorgeous woman to be a stewardess because she wasn't PHONE LAGUNE.

When he ran into the pedestrian who looked like a cross between Sasquatch and Frankenstein's monster, he called in to report a FAICK DECANTER.

FEEDENS is at the edge of de lawn.

When the geologist felt shaking and heard dishes falling and breaking in the kitchen he said it was due to NAVEL EMOTEMPT.

The clock didn't like mice climbing over it, so it TRUNKS ECO.

When the man asked the young boy what the small animals were that the boy had in his display, the boy's polite response was, "WEANRS."

The worker didn't believe the tire manufacturer was using enough layers in its tires, so he looked for a different place to THE DAY SLIRP.

Each step of the way presented a challenge, but he took these ID INSERT.

The melon can't run away with the squash and get married because he PEEAL COUNT.

He felt offended, but only a little bit, so it was a SHIGHT GLINT.

When the captain saw the narrow pass between the two pieces of land he held the rudder steady and went GATORS HITRUTH.

When I went out with the woman who was running for the city council office, she told me exactly what she thought of me because she was a DECANT-DIAD.

He was hungry on his sixteenth birthday, so he THINE GIG DEATH.

When she brought a nicely mounted picture of him into the courtroom saying that this was a picture of the guilty party, he claimed he had FAME BENDER.

I don't read religious texts because I just BE OIT BLOND.

He was quiet when working in the corn patch becau se of EEL RAT LASH.

The worker bee got tired of listening to his fellow worker bee because he kept GRINDON NO.

If we are going to make it to Mars we will have to PLEN WALLET.

My car needs new rubber all around, so whether I do something about it or not, either way I will have to TREETR II.

His fellow citizens were all so angry that he decided to leave NIL-DARE.

When the old witch would get upset she would HEF HOD FEN FLATLY.

I wasn't doing so well in my telemarketing business until I switched to using S HOLE PLANE.

I didn't want to pay the money to take the turnpike to go to grandmother's house, so instead I took HEY WAFT ERE.

When she questioned the salesman's claim that he carried the best windows you could get, the salesman rejoined, "It's the LUTER CHART.

The raindrop said to the hailstone, "I like you. You're OAF L TAKEN.

Yesterday I baked muffins for our midweek brunch, but tomorrow IF SAY DRY.

They wrote an emotional song about the woman because they figured they ROT HI DO TEE.

I like to listen to the oldies station when I am driving my automobile because I TICK SALOONER.

During the barbecue the hot dog asked the hamburger so many questions that he was tired of GLIDE LINBERG.

The moonshiner was afraid the sheriff might have found and taken his equipment, but it was SHEET TRILL.

If you lose your right arm than the other arm is the only one HAST IT FELT.

After he stumbled getting off the plane from his vacation adventure his friend asked him, "HOT RAW HIP STEW?"

When she was upset because she couldn't find the proper spices to put in the soup, he told her not to WAIT TUBES TO.

The chemistry teacher told joke to the class in order to TOE A CREATING.

The commander was unhappy with the navigator's lackadaisical attitude when trying to pull their spaceship away from the planet, because he didn't seem to understand IVY GFATTER OH the situation.

The shepherding company was able to herd a lot of sheep because they had a FIB GAFTS.

After the seamstress got done soaking her yarn in the coloring solution she explained to me that she was a OILY DN HOT WEED Republican.

Have you heard about the new elephant car? It has the THINK OF TRN TUNER.

When she learned he still hadn't gotten the green beans broken up and ready to cook, she told him to TIPS AT ON.

The big woman from Hungary attached wires to the small fellow from Poland because she thought he was a PILOT HELG.

He thought the book about the evolutionary development of the opposable thumb would be boring, but it was actually ENVY PRIGPRIG.

The musician hadn't had much luck with any of his songs, but when ended one by busting his guitar on the floor it was a MISTS HAH.

I used to be very enthusiastic in depositing my money into CD accounts, but then I TINE SLOTTERS.

She wasted no time in preparing the flip cards for the speaker, and he thanked her for her STORMS ONPEPPER.

When the reporter heard that there was a new ice cream store opening in the city she went and SET COG PHOTO.

The fellow had trouble remembering how to thrown a boomerang, but then it CHAT CAKE MI MOB.

The bees wanted to put a stop to whoever was damaging their nests, so they arranged a GRAPE ONIONTITS.

When he asked her about what she thought of his idea of getting a skunk as a pet she said "SS KITTIN."

When he asked his carpenter friend whether he had managed to get a job with the building company, he said that IN LATHEE ID.

After eating his lunch the hiker stopped to brush his teeth at the FETCH OR SET hill.

He didn't really want to know how they went about producing hot dogs, but his friend said it was important to be ITUBA KRAFT NO.

When the butcher backed into his meat grinder he got a little SHRINK BI WON HIDE.

The other barbers helped the barber out, because the customer wanted a CRUC WET.

All the members of the rock band played guitar and felt they needed a different sound, so they looked around to see who they CLOUD DUMP UR.

He was going to look for his missing watch, but he could never HEFT TIE MIND.

When she suggested adding some pleated edges to the fancy announcements he was designing he said, "Don't MYSTY CL PRIME.

When the artists who owned guns got together they had a contest to see who would be the first to PARA NOW WISHED.

When Johnny correctly predicted what would be contained in his grandfather's will, he said he knew because it was A WIDE AGADAVEY.

When the farmer went to the barber and was asked how short to cut his hair, he said he wanted it CROCS PEOPLED.

The cartoon competition ended AD I WARN.

When the shepherd had the male sheep go straight on ahead but sent the female sheep back the way it came, he made A RUE WENT.

When Jesus was asked if the Roman soldier who was in charge of his execution could get into heaven, he said no, because he had DISHERS COM.

Some say Noah had some loose wires, and that's why it was easy for him to KANE MA CAR.

When the geologist published his chart about geological periods all his friends said it was OUTME BAIT.

The raven said to the blackbird, "Yes, you have a fine nest, but it's nothing to WART CUBOO."

If you want to read about how the early Christians butchered and beheaded their enemies, read the SO HE TAX FLEAPOST.

When the tailor aboard the Starship Enterprise asked Geordi, the ship's engineer, to help her fix her machine so she could repair the crew's uniforms, Captain Picard told him to "WEST AM IKE".

Nobody liked the retired old pie maker because he had become a CRYSTL YOU DUG.

They are trying to clean up all those pythons in the Everglades, but there are so many that they are JEWS MADPUTS.

Although the store had quite a good sale on boating equipment, getting to the bottom line was quite ON EAR LAAD.

The lobster and the crab looked down on their small neighbor because he was JUMP H STAIRS.

The flies were getting to be such horrible pests that they had to call in the MATA STEW.

I was going to look into how much money that atheist organization made, but then I found out it was PEN-HOTPORN.

The president had a hard time understanding the rocket scientist's design of a new engine, but he thought he got the HOTTER FS HUT idea.

If someone springs a trap for you, whether in summer or winter, don't LIFT FAR LO.

The bee decided to get married because he had found HOY SHINE.

The wheat stalks were sucking the water out of the ground LAKE I WARTS.

The physicist was trying to figure out how to hold up the beans in his garden and came up with a RETINT GYROSH.

I drove by a beautiful cemetery the other day and decided I wanted to be buried there if it's HIT GENT SHOAL T ID.

When they weren't being used, the ocean liner enjoyed hanging out in the harbor with the oil tanker because he enjoyed his WISPOF HELL.

They offered to put a nice tablet on the dentist's wall, but he said he didn't want NAP EQUALY.

Why was the cat kicked out of the poker game? Because she AWE A HATCHES.

He warned the lazy farm laborer that if he didn't get to work getting the stalls cleaned out he would be IT HIDE PENS.

The chimney wasn't feeling well because he HUE FED HALT.

The golfer didn't want to wear his best socks that day because he wanted a LONE HO LEI.

The cleaning lady did an exceptional job and the man who hired her really HOOT I SNAKE to her.

When the cavemen let the new guy into their group and allowed him to hold the talking stick, they told him, "Welcome HE CUT BLOT."

The man kept falling asleep during the meetings to decide on the organization's future because he was a REMED BOMBER.

When she asked him if he would be able to row the boat all the way to land when the motor gave out, he assured her it was a HINGE HORST.

When he got tired of listening to his friend go on and on about how much he loved seafood he finally told him LO PUCT AM.

The man was attracted to the witch because she was IN GOSHMARC.

When he asked his boss if he wanted to hear his ideas on how to make a better rifle, his boss said, "YOAST, HOOK!"

When the rock climber suggested stopping half way up the cliff to play a game of poker he knew she was FLUB FINTS-JUG.

The dalmatian on the tenth floor looked down on all the pets on the floors below because he was GET POD HOT.

When she made fun of him for being covered with soot after cleaning out the fireplace he chided her on her BROUM CHALK.

The weather forecaster incorrectly predicted the thunder and lightning because he had a TRIMANSORB.

They tried to get the fruit picker under control, but he was just LAPZ MURCY.

When the emaciated son of the dead man discovered the croissants at the memorial service they disappeared HIRE TINT ONHI.

The political activist frequently took his money out of the bank in rolls of coins so he could HECK ANAGEM.

The bagel thought he was better than the muffin or the biscuit because he was DREW LABEL.

When several people got sick drinking his moonshine, he knew trouble WIG BEWARNS.

The lobster and the shrimp didn't like their neighbor because he was BY SCABOR.

When the author told his friends about his creative new plot for his next book they considered it a DEVIL NOAE.

When the store ran low on shirts or pants it would order some more from the UOWE SHARE.

"I heard the farmer say he was going to hook us together neck to neck," the ox said to his friend, "but then he told me it was STAY O JUKE."

When they buried old Mr. Whitterby in the wrong cemetery it was a STARK AGIVEME.

The doctor who was quick to yell at his clients went out of business because he SPAT ITSTOLEN.

The beach is a friendly place because it has a VOW ES FLOAT.

When they finally hit water after digging down twenty feet the boss told them the job was LONE LEWD.

The larch and the fir spoke to their friend, who then asked, "Are you speaking to me?", and they responded "EYE, WRY, SETE."

When the large vegetable fell on top of the small vegetable it STAQUEDS HI.

The doctor tried to replace some of the patient's blood vessels, but it was a TINT PAVEMET.

The potato asked his cousin if he was good tasting, and he said, "YEM, I SAY.

The bull could not be directed into the barn to be castrated because he was not BALEE-REST.

He took his dog with him when he visited his buddy from his army days because it as time for the dog to TET EVE SHE.

The ox wandering around next to the Himalayas got tired of listening to her friend HAY OM SUCK.

The horse would not sleep in the rickety old building because it was ESL BATTON.

He wouldn't open it, but threw the small bottle with its contents into the trash because it was a VAIN LIGHT.

She was hungry as she walked down the beach, so he suggested, "Let's have some CHIN-SWISH-AD here."

The mother and father goat wouldn't let their young offspring smoke or drink because he was DUSK I JAT.

She told him to get some really bright lightbulbs to replace the burnt out ones, but he said he would get NEWT AT THAWED.

The soap salesman used to be pretty good, but now he was PAW DUELLS AH.

The honest tennis player gave up tennis because he didn't want to be involved WACK I HATTER.

If you want to buy blubber real cheap you can go straight to the ship and get a LEAAD HE O FLAW.

Since she isn't Protestant anymore she can't call herself a WASP, SAW THE BUS.

The teapot fancied itself a cowboy because it was at GONE HON ME HEART.

Whenever they went to pick grapes they knelt down before they entered because it was EP-DIVE CLEAN.

The Chinese cook needed a break so he KOTO A KOW.

The indigos and the aquas were feeling down because they SLEW OU BEER.

When she asked him if it was necessary for them to get every single wild plant out of the garden he said, "TEETED BREW."

The well driller gave up his job because it was BOG INROOT.

After the man lost his right arm in an accident he would always use the FAT STEW HAL TONE.

Since fixing clothes wasn't her most exciting way to pass the time she was having a YES-SAW DEW.

Their attempts to get people to brush and floss more regularly were not very successful. They needed a plan with more TENET IT HI.

His admirers were waving things at him on this hot day because they were FAL BUS CHIN.

The military man spent much of his time under water because he was a ASI NUMBER.

"My ancestors were a pretty good lot," he said. "I am of CCTENSE TENDED."

The cow was taking acting lessons because she wanted to be a ORE-MIO VATS.

Although the cook took great pains to everything on the plate with the steak just right, the diner refused it because it was not LODE LEWN.

He had never flown a plane, but working on the dairy farm he got to TAIL-TO E LIP.

The golfer was frustrated with all the other golfers in his way, and by the time he got to hit the ball he was really FEET FOD.

There was no need to rouse the attention of anyone in the funeral procession because it AWE K-SAWS.

Making shoes was his LOSE COURSE of income.

They didn't believe her when she said she aced the exam, so her teacher said he would IS-TOTE AT TT.

The clairvoyant stared intently at the boiling pot, insisting that he could keep it from boiling over by using SURS PEEPERER.

She had a clean mind because she spent all day SISPATCH WAGON.

When her friend said she wished she knew where that music for The Lone Ranger came from, she said "Let YE MELT LOU."

The geometry student did a very pretty job of drawing the intersection of his lines because he wanted U-GEAN CLEAT.

When the church decided to attach an electronic readout of the hour and minutes over their nameboard, they said it was a STEM IF TOE NIGH.

The fat IRS man tried to climb the long, steep hill to the man's house, but he found it NOX GOATIT.

The captain filled out the application to join the merchant marines because he wanted a BRIMES-HEMP.

When the astronomer studying solar activity asked his genius child to help him out, he said it was because he wanted to work with BIG HOTTER SHN.

She jumped up on the bar and gyrated all around the beer dispenser because she was doing E CAN ADAPT.

After his father's death he planted the evergreen tree up close to his mother's house because he didn't want her to WIPE NAAY.

When the clock complained about the fleas and other insects in the house it was described as TACK KILT.

When the film collector obtained the original film of the classic movie he was so happy because he now had the LINT GHEER.

The basketball players were eager, vivacious and energetic -- just MINI-GIL FEET WHAT.

Although she was young she was getting older each day because she was a NERE GATE.

The hostess putting on the big dance party was so happy because she was LABHAN G VAIL.

The senator didn't like the exercises they did in the congressional gym because there were ART POEM SONY.

In order to get his newly designed engine to run on a mixture of water, meat and vegetables, Mr. Campbell really had to POUT PI US.

The nun who worked as a seamstress said it was easy to get used to doing her kind of work because it was BRING FATHOMI.

Eve told Adam that she was made of sugar and spice, but she was just HINBRIM BIG.

After stomping through the marsh and picking the slimy creatures off from his body he exclaimed, "Yuck! HASSUCC LEEK!'

The calendar was no longer any good. It was DED TATOO.

Surprised at how many pretty red flowers there were as she walked past line after line of them, she said that there were a ORE SO LOFT.

When he was trying to figure out a good angle to use to get the loan, he figured he needed a good RECOINS.

He knew his friends would be eating a lot of popcorn during the big football game so he bought a SWERL-BOUP.

When asked if he had figured out how to go about putting texture on his deck so that it wouldn't be slippery when it rained, he said that so far all he had was a HOAR GUIDE.

All the bad guys were arranged against him, but he was confident because his 45 caliber pistol was IS ODE SHIN.

The goose refused to go to the duck for medical treatment because he SAK A CQUAW.

The shoemaker didn't know what else to do when the shoe factory shut down since it had been his LACE POISONCOUT.

The martial arts instructor brought along a helper so he would have a good KICE-DISK.

He accepted the musician's proposal, figuring it was a FORDS UNOFE.

The stripper wasn't happy working in the night club, so she FORK OFT OOF somewhere else.

The fellow with anemia was sick and tired of being SKIT DIN RACED.

The carnival leader negotiated with the townsmen to set up in their town. It was a FLED AAIR.

When the player on the bank's basketball team caught the rebound and immediately shot it right into the basket they said it was a SOGA DOVE.

They could tell the giant was depressed because of his RIGHT SAGES.

Seeing that he would be late if he ran to the store for more ingredients he put some extra rosemary in his casserole because there wasn't THOUGH ENEMY.

The head of the agriculture department wasn't able to convince them of his new idea, but at least he had LENDPET TEE DASH.

When he saw how beautiful the house lot was he exclaimed, "HATE I SWAT!".

Everything was well organized up overhead in his house because he was MESTIC-TASTY.

When the kindly doctor got into one of his evil moods he would find someone to play DEAN KEY SHED.

The wise man was the boss because he had been appointed to be their RORE-EVES.

The little tea kettle was singing along sweetly with the big tea kettle until she ONE FAT OU TRAMS.

Wearing clothes that are falling apart is US-MANY-EL.

The cow wore bells because her DORN ROD WOK THIN.

They didn't know everyone's opinion about how to go about displaying their nice new flag, so they decided to AT ED O POOL.

The Tyrannosaurus kept getting into accidents with others of his kind. There were just RYE MOON TAX.

When the priest needed holy water he drew some water from the tap and HEBELL LOT HIDE out of it.

The drunkard just couldn't manage to get ahead financially because he spent all his time in OUT HOUR SHEEP.

Sleeping at the wheel can result in being TREAD N-SURE.

The man with the suit ordered coffee to drink because he was not wearing SIR HAT-HEIST.

When his friend pointed out how smooth the surface of the beach looked he said it was because it was LEWN SADDLE.

They tried to calm the grandfather clock down because he was PUN ALLOW DU.

He had to get the bats and other vermin out from under his roof being it was PROTECT-BLAIM.

When his friend said that it must have been a big project to cut up that big log he said that it was, but that he WIT HO RUGHATS.

Having driven around the backroads for hours and never arriving anywhere the driver complained, "All these roads LOAM DO TEAR".

All of the rabbit's relatives were being mean and nasty to him yesterday when he was having a HAY DEAR DAB.

She didn't want to lose any of her diamonds or other valuables so she put them in a CAPE FLEAS.

The old prophet, seeing all the decaying debris after the destruction of the sinful city, asked, "What HARD GOT HOT?"

She waited until after dark to pick herbs from her garden so she could have some METHY-THING.

The spicy old fellow was very wise and was considered to be a SEAR GALE.

Don't drill too many holes in a tree or you might SEA LIP FIST away.

When the thief admitted to stealing from the local library the police KIDMOE HOB.

He tried using a coin to stop the leak, but his repair wasn't worth a LUCK GELPIN.

If paper bags were weapons of war you would have to be careful not to KEG CASTED.

Whether he gets any laughs or not the author of this web page is a NUNGY YUP.

When sales started increasing the Ferris wheel factory said it was a good NUTT ON FEVERS.

At the beginning of the week he was feeling happy, but by the time the weekend came it was a REDSAY-DAD.

When the cows painted their bodies to try to confuse the farmer about where to draw the milk from, he scolded them for their DRONE UNSENDES.

When the prankish kid suggested sneaking into the classrooms and snapping the yardsticks in two, his friend said he didn't like the idea of THINKERS RUE BAGLE.

The proud gardener said that his prize-winning turnip could BET BE TONE.

The hobo got the job washing dishes in the restaurant because he was good at NIP-HANGLAND.

He didn't like what the New Testament writer had to say, and, indeed, found some of his ideas to be A-PAIL-GUN.

They had lots of varieties of soda because it was a MAD MOP PON store.

The baseball player joined the band because he liked to play BRATS FISS.

The tomato cannery was pushing its workers to worker more quickly on this order because it was FEST PASTA.

When the little church steeple was talking to the big church steeple who told him he could also become big and important someday, the little one said he would I-TASTE PI OR.

When the woman was once again bragging about how much money she had saved by shopping at the used goods store, her friend just said "BODY GOU"!

The chicken never got to be a very fast typist because all he could do was PUNK DEN CHAT.

The fir tree tried to cheer up the spruce tree because he didn't want him WE PITY NOAA.

All the little bugs came running to the one who was yelling from on top of the cat's neck because it was a LEAF RECALL.

When the mountain climber made it all the way to the summit it was his MAKE PAPERFORCEN.

The chimney was feeling miserable because it HUF A LAD.

The lawyer was intent on seeing the turkey go to prison and insisted it had been involved in FLOP YAWL .

When Santa visited the third grade class they told him they were glad for SHE SPINSTER at their school.

The wild-mannered farmer decided to switch from growing beans to growing sugar so that he could SCARE AINE.

When asked if he had seen any sign of someone who had been peaking around the corner on the sunny day, the guy said "Only the SWANDO HOSE".

When he said he was going to see how long he could keep the library book out, his friend said not to UTEDIVE OR.

The fish lined up so that they could deposit their eggs ALE OR A NIL.

When she heard that her friends had been getting into a lot of trouble she got out pen and paper so she could GRIME THTH.

The onion farmer couldn't keep his ground watered because there were YON MOLE SKATE.

When asked why she dressed as she did, the nun replied it was just because she was HI TIN BATHE.

The musician took a bunch of bags with him to the concert because he wanted to HATE SKY SCALP.

When the man got irritated with the fly buzzing around his head he removed his footwear so he could YEAH SO WAIT.

The soap maker swore to the heavens that his was the mildest soap one could buy and that YES AL NOW.

The cleaning lady refused to work in business establishments because she was DIME AMHO.

The doctor's unsuccessful try to put in a stint to help the patient's blood flow was a EVEN PATTIMT.

The gross-smelling liquid in the small glass container was a STUN VIOLALIO.

When the fellow with the flat tire asked the passerby if he could spare some change to make a phone call for help, he said no, but that he could SEANCE A GRAPH.

No one would borrow money from the solitary fish because they heard he was a RANK HOLES.

When Neptune was on trial at Zeus's court for sending the tsunami that killed many people, he WHIRD GIT SHAVE to a lawyer.

When his friend invited him over for pizza but didn't have any toppings on it, he complained his friend was being SHE COOTEY.

When someone suggested his lilacs would grow better if he encircled them while playing his drum, the gardener said he didn't want to HASH BUTTER ONE DAUB.

The hobo was tired, so he found a nice spot and pulled out CAN HAS-SKIP.

They were so happy when he replaced the town clock with one that didn't ring out every hour that they gave him the EL-ZONE BLIRP.

The prospector hired a plane to fly him up into the dark cloud formation because he was looking for the LIVIRN SINGLE.

The IRS questioned the fisherman about his tax forms because he listed his MON ENTICE.

When they tried to tell the Egyptian that he didn't have what it took to be a good fisherman he wouldn't believe them because he was ID EL-NINE.

When the cherry asked the blueberry how he had heard his last piece of juicy gossip, he said it was UNPROVE GET HEATR HIGH.

He tried to get his luggage rack business off the ground, but there was too much RODHEAVE.

When he said he would make a short write-up about each of the male cattle on the ranch, they said it was a LOAN-U-BELT endeavor.

The man with the drilling rig got lots of business because he was LNOWN WELK.

I don't like those herbal drinks. They're just not CO PAY FU MET.

The karate instructor told his students that his course would not be easy, because it was a school FK HAND CROOKS.

As he planted the ends of his fists straight onto the table he told his son that if he was going to pass his courses he was going to have to CLOWNED KUNK.

The senile old lady didn't approve of the chair that the nursing home provided for her because she was FOR HEK FORCER.

Ask Pinocchio if it pays to lie, because he LONELY EARS.

He loved the public TV show on the activity of stars in our galaxy and others, and said it was a PROVE ANUS.

The kid who made mowing lawns had the whole neighborhood to himself, his own home, the four neighbors on his side of the street, the four neighbors on the other side of the street -- the WIREY LAND SHONE.

She was trying to get her kid settled into bed while the naughty dog was giving her trouble, and it was DAN CUP KNIT.

When he took his car to the mechanic because the engine was making loud noises, he was told it wasn't worth fixing because it was just a bad COONN KKCKK joke.

The pilot couldn't decide whether to land his plane on the landing strip on the east side of the island or on the west side. He was II HE PUT RAN about it.

When the baseball player was asked to help fix up the old ball park he decided CH POINT IT.

Six was afraid of seven because SEINE VAN TEEN.

The medieval king didn't give much credence to his horsemen who claimed they had a new invention that would carry people through the air, saying that they had a THY FB KINGLY operation.

Some hitchhikers use signs when trying to get rides, but John, as a FLUB ET HUMOR, did not.

When they asked haggard conscript why his application for conscientious objector status didn't appear to make sense he said it was because it was A FORTH GUARD.

When asked why she was preparing so much dough the baker said she DEALT WINKU DO.

When asked if he would enter the biggest buck contest that hunting season, the preacher said he would TRIP YE NO.

When asked why she thought his neighbor Boris Kolonitschivenikov had changed his name, she said it TOY RASH AS WAD.

When the teacher was asked why he had paddled the student who failed the test he said it would TAME MIM SHARK.

The perfume factory didn't put water in its perfumes because it didn't NEEM STACKS.

When asked why the judge had made the criminal's release from prison dependent on completing all of the puzzles on this page, she said that was his INN-HUMPEST.

When Sasquatch learned to tap dance he was proud of his FAGET TREE.

When asked if he remembered the woman knocking on his door he said it didn't REAL N GLIB.

The ship's captain wondered what the screaming noise was that he kept hearing. It turned out to be a WOULD HEAL.

When Sam was complaining to Bill about how difficult the drive was up over the mountain pass, Bill told him to RET GIVE TO.

He only put on his favorite shirt when he was staying at home because he didn't want to WAIT TO RUE.

When he came in last in the hang-gliding race he was a ROSE SOLAR.

The gardener didn't have time to run inside to use the bathroom so he used the PET PEACH.

When asked if the explosive device belonged to him the terrorist suspect said "MI IN SITE".

My local gardening store had to expand because it was a SERIOUS BWIGGNNS.

The sporting goods store quit selling boomerangs because of NON YOUR MATTERS.

The prudish woman complained about the vegetables in the produce department because they were FER HOOTS.

I have worn all the rubber off my car. It is now time for EE-TRIM-TERN.

A travel agency may be the only business where they want you AT YO WAGO.

He didn't want anyone to steal his bagel while he left the table, so he TUX LIT NO OP.

The container of ice-cold water that the baseball team always had on hand was a FILTHIE CRREEP.

The new space travel movie is especially good because it has FAST LO SORTS.

The young fellow wore his bathing suit into the billiards hall because he was interested in their POLION ODOR.

The evolutionary biologist who specialized in studying felines put up a notice to see if anyone would find his SMYLING SNIX.

The paleontologist heading off to investigate the new discovery of bones says that whether they are of dinosaurs or more recent animals MEANEST ES IN BORE.

Never trust a tree! After all, even millions of years ago the forests were VIPER-LIME.

Sampson in the Bible had a way of putting his foot in his mouth and died of FLANEL SEARCH.

The football match was so bad it was no wonder it was the FAME GO WET HAKE.

When Sam asked Harry how he should go about proposing to Sue Ellen, he told him to just HIVE IRE R GANG.

He pulled the medallion out from under his shirt and confessed to her, "I stole this from you years ago, and I just have to get this FCT OF MESHY.

When the policeman decided to have a barbecue he invited his buddies over for a TUSKO TEA.

When it got chilly outside the painter would ANT TO A COUP.

After the musicians harvested the fruit from their gardens they got together for a SIS JAMESON.

The office records were always in sharp-looking order because the secretary was always MINGLE HIFT.

The bartender could never get out of debt because he was A ROAM PUN.

The aardvark could never be persuaded to see anyone else's point of view because he was DAND-SHORE.

When asked why he was planting cocoa plants throughout the forest the hunter said it was because he wanted OCOCASOME HOTEL.

After getting $50 off the price of the hotel room the fellow bragged that he had gotten a ADIEU LEST.

When challenged over her claim that she had flown to Miami when the crime occurred, she exclaimed that it was the HEART PLUNT.

After finishing the golf match the novice exclaimed, "I didn't think I would make it through the GALE HOME."

Before working at Divine Tastes Ice Cream Parlor one must attend SHELAC SOUNDO.

The ship captain wondered why he thought he heard singing around the low-lying islands until he realized it was a HOLERR CAFE.

When he saw the three-foot-long ears of corn growing in his field the farmer said it was I-IMAGE-ZAN.

"Mr. Johannson never lived in my house," the woman testified. "That was a LOOSE FARMER".

The other cats wouldn't let Charlie join their poker game because he HAT A SEWACHE.

The critic listening to the symphony complained that there was too much SAN SOX INVALID.

The new terrorist technique in countries where cattle are sacred is I-LAMB-ON-A-BULB.

Most opticians do their work quietly, but the fellow at Showtime Eyewear always had to CAKE E PLACEMATS.

The diplomat was trying to help the country end its civil war, but no matter how much he tried to understand enough to help there was always a SPACE GEMINIS.

The baker gave up making doughnuts because he was tired of the SINE SOLEBUSH.

When he wrote out alimony checks the divorcee was always complaining about the FIVE GC ANSTOOL.

The dog didn't like his diet of fruit, which is why he was so OLMILE-CLONE.

The young man who was forced at shotgun point to marry the girl he had seduced decided it was FEAT HI DOWER.

The young geologist's hypothesis about earthquakes was on HOUND GRASKY.

The young woman who used to gossip about all her friends had a great MORES EN FOURS.

He tried to carve the turkey with the broken knife but it LIP WASTESONS.

After laying on the beach long enough to finish his books he found that he LER SLAW DEW.

It was important that his large estate be maintained NO RAPPER MINOR.

He forgot to pay his exorcist and was SPEEDROSES.

When the sick upholsterer went to the doctor he was told that he VOWEL CROUDER.

A hard-boiled egg makes the best breakfast because it is BATH OR DATE.

His aspirations to be a professional photographer just never LOVEDDEEP.

When she tried to get her friend to try a different shopping center to do her Christmas shopping, she just said that if you've been to one shopping center you'd SLAM E LEAN.

He tried to keep secret what was in his will, but it turned out to be a WAVY ADDAGIEE.

The man wore short-sleeved shirts because he had a right OR STAB MARE.

The school teacher went to the optometrist complaining that she was having trouble with HIL UPPERS.

I can't stand Polish kielbasa, Italian salami sucks, but German sausage HI WET RUSTS.

New batteries were expensive, but dead batteries were GEAR HE COFFER.

He was stuck in debt and couldn't GUIDE-TB.

I gave up hunting because I cared about IN REFS MEDDERY.

Summer tried to trick winter into not coming this year, but winter wouldn't LIFT FAR LO.

When they asked the Lone Ranger's horse Silver if he would star in their theatrical presentation he declined, saying that he would not take part OH PRAYS LINE.

When the rock'n'roll group made too much noise in the city square they DREW BANE.

When the musician broke into the music store he wasn't able to break into the cash drawer, but he still managed to get away THEE HUT WILT.

The bovine animal who just spotted the stupid farmer coming to it with a saddle in his hand is an NO-SEX-ROMEO.

After peddling home and enjoying his soda he wanted to return the bottle, so he got back on his bike and ID-CELERY TC.

When he wasn't sure if his coupon for 40 percent off was valid, the sales clerk assured him "DUI, STY-SCONES".

The talent scout went to the strip joint looking for a IVY ENCROWDS-E.

The attorney went to the tailor because he wanted good USA WILTS.

He always bought his camping gear from overseas because he felt it was POTTER-MINT.

The driver who made ridiculous false statements trying to convince the judge that he had a right to drive received a heavy fine because he didn't have any SEE-LINES.

The knights who didn't have enough armor complained to the king that they needed more DRAW-HEAR.

When Santa's wife asked him why he was unhappy after hearing the weather report he said it was "RARE, DIAN".

The houseboat owner was complaining about the cost of KNIVES ID-CLING.

Two was happy with three until she MOPHEATER.

The fruits were afraid because of the BEEGPLATE VOLT.

The happy seal and the smiling porpoise tried to cheer up the HULL BEWAE.

The trumpet player who remained on his feet on the patio was better than the one who sat inside because he was TINTAGSOUND.

The lightning rod wanted to go out for the night, but it couldn't because it DUG ASWONDER.

Lassie's owner used to like to pick daisies off the lawn and put them in her fur because he was partial to WOLFIE-COLLER.

When his wife got tired of laying on the beach and asked to go to a cafe and get some lunch he suggested they just have some SHARD-WISE-HE CHIN.

When the dolphin tried to apologize for running into the seal she wouldn't listen and claimed he did it OP EPORSION.

When the ship captain wasn't sure what the other ship was off the coast he went SET OU TOE.

The farm animal didn't have any loose change because he was a GILT-O ABLY.

When the pregnant goat tried to tell her friend that she was going to give birth any moment, her friend thought she was JUNK DIDGITS.

The yam and the turnip were tired of their lazy cousin and accused him of being a COOP OUTCATH.

She was going to string her violin using natural materials but didn't have GET FIST RUT HO.

The young prince who was heir to the throne fought valiantly after hearing that warriors who died fighting in battle became stars in the heavens. He figured he would either GRINS ON HIREE.

When the professor arrived late to give his lecture on Einstein's theories regarding relativity and temporal mechanics, the students exclaimed, "It's BUTIE ATOM!"

She tried to tell the man standing on the window ledge not to JUST OP O COUNCILMAN.

When working on the arm section Dr. Frankenstein asked his assistant to HAVE HAM I DING.

Frosty the Snowman tried to maintain his composure when the sun came out, but it was hard to LOOK SEE CHIP.

When the balloon said he was worried that being filled with helium might be bad for him, his friends told him to HELPING TU.

When the iron-on patch didn't hold his friend said "I SLUD WOE TOY."

The coroner claimed to know his business IDIOTS NUE.

Beware of that beauty parlor down the street. Women who go there often DEAR UN PLY CUD.

The cannibal refused to go to the big community get-together because he was WET EU FLIP HOPPED.

The worm in the compost bin was happy when he got to the apple skin because it was E-PIANGLE.

When the scientist was noted for having created a perfect vacuum, he said it GIN ANTSHOW.

The god of lightning kept a close eye on the thunder cloud because he was afraid LO DOUBT WILT.

When the oxcart wasn't strong enough to carry the load he had to PUTE IF BE.

When asked if she was having a good time putting on a dance party she said she was BANGAL I HALV.

The fisherman was able to get a good harvest of fish because of his KONG ROONWIDGET.

The hunter never actually used his gun, but kept in locked in its container. He said it was JANE IS STUC.

When needing assistance with word puzzles, Charlie got help from a cousin, an uncle, MA-A-RANG.

The baker was having so many problems, but the freezing rain storm that kept him from getting to work was the AGOCI IN THE NECK.

The hen asked the duck to help him find the bird that flew into the farmyard and stole their food, but the duck said it would be a HEAL GICES WOODS.

Although he had no cavities during his checkup, his dentist warned him that if he did not take better care of his teeth his situation would be very OUR-SPACE-IRE.

The farmer was upset when his neighbor scared his horses, and again when he killed one of his chickens, but what really made him angry was when the neighbor IGO SAT GOTH.

Someone tried to spring a prank on him, but he didn't LIFT FAR LO.

The night watchman couldn't remember what time the sun was supposed to rise, but then it MEADOW NH DIN.

When the spider brought home a small piece of board he said it was so that he could STEW REF HUB.

When Captain Kirk tried making some extra money by giving rides on his spaceship he was said to be INPRETENSE-RIG.

When the wicked witch got really mad she would FED HEN FOH FLATLY.

When the old lady put down her knitting, got up from her chair and went out to howl at the moon she was said to be ECH FOR FORKER.

Her feline grooming business a great success, but when she switched to canine grooming it NEWT GO TOT SHED.

When he found his wife in the sanitarium and asked her why she wasn't back home she said, "I'm in here because I'm TEN OLL HEART".

When asked why he kept playing tennis when he could never even score a play he said it was because ET DEVIL HO.

The sexy frog wasn't happy to be pursued by her distant cousin because he was a NORTH ODAY.

The painter used a brush, rather than spraying paint on the house, because he BIG SLINWARTS with excitement over the job.

To use male cattle to engage in terrorist suicide attacks is I-LAMB-AN-U-BLOB.

When the Indians traded with Daniel in the old west it was a TOOTH ME BONE.

When the beaver got done his strange construction his friends asked him, "What is DIG HTH MEANT?"

When the jail flooded the friends of the man awaiting trial came by to HOME BUT AIL.

When the drunkard tried to perform in front of an unfriendly audience he got kicked out because of HAS OLE BOLT.

The club with a strict rule allowing only solo artists to perform wouldn't allow the rock'n'roll group to play because IN WAD STAB.

When the monkey told his friends he could keep all his hands and feet on the ground while reaching up and grabbing bananas from the trees, they said it was A ALLA TILT.

When the raccoon was asked how he managed to survive after all his fur fell off, he said he MALTED YEAR BI.

When the duck went to the finest doctor for cosmetic surgery for his mouth the result was A LIB GLIB.

When the cranky boyfriend took his girlfriend out to dinner and spent the time complaining he HIDDEN WIN ADDEN her.

When the sexy saleswoman convinced the man to sign up for her internet service it was because he thought she had B WAGER DATA.

It was the cold time of the year. It was CREMR-BRED!

When they asked the astronomer how he was doing at finding new stars, he said things PIKE LOUNGER OW.

When he went to buy his hearing aid he used the money he had IREFORMAT ARK ED.

The story of the great warrior who built his house without walls so that the winds blew through was so well known it became EYELID-NARG.

The blind man was going to crawl back using his hands to try to find the hat he dropped when coming down the hill, but he didn't LUTE ET OF PI.

The little rock just couldn't get the attention he wanted because the big rock RAW DOUBLES.

Building a coatrack that didn't also hold other types of outerwear was not an achievement for him to SHAG HOT NAN HI.

Dressing sloppily at the convent was I HAT DABBA.

The investment counselor was tired of looking at his neighbor's house so he started putting money into a DDUF HENGE.

When the worm complained he was tired trying to climb up the incline, his buddy said not to make a big deal out of it because it wasn't a mountain -- it was a HOLL LIME.

The diamond was happy to have the opal in her family and thought she was E GRAM ALE.

After he made a snide remark to try to get her to laugh, he said it was FINN US JET.

When he saw how much happier his friend was now that he always wore more casual clothes, he was told the change was due to JAYE PANTHER.

The musicians brought their fruits and berries into the kitchen in order to have a MAN JOSIESS.

The pickles didn't like being crammed tightly together in the glass container and found the experience to be JIVE GRANRRY.

The bunny rabbit was a little slow moving along, so his buddies told him HI TOT TO OP.

The undertaker asked the grave digger how long it would take to dig NET HIGH HOTEL.

The tanner was good at keeping the IRS from knowing how many animal skins he went through in a year, because he was GOAD GO THIN-DIE.

The unemployment rate was going down because the need for workers was going IRIE HER HAND.

The basketball player got better and better as he grew taller, and by the time he entered college his career was at its THEATERS THEGIG.

The pig was able to impress his friends at how much he accomplished because he was GOGOH HINGE LOW.

He wanted to use good, durable paint on the room that connected the bedrooms from one end to the other because it was for ELL HOLT HANG.

The breakfast shop wasn't selling a lot of bacon and eggs, but flapjacks were selling SOAK THICKEEL.

He was unhappy to receive a phone call from his boss with lots of demanding questions just as he was getting into his car that had been sitting in the sun because he felt like he was HO HOT NEATEST.

The musician's new song wasn't very popular, but when he fell down and broke his guitar it was a SMITH HAS.

It was the owl's job to call out when there was danger near, but he just didn't HOVO O GATE.

No matter how unpleasant the precipitation, it didn't phase him because he was HIND LAY HAARD.

The falcon needed to borrow some money so he gave his belongings to his cousin to PINK HE WAKE.

His day wasn't going well, and being unable to cut the apple into two equal pieces wasn't FAT HEFT HI LO.

He appreciated how affectionate she was, but wished that when she was driving she wouldn't UGH HUH OLDEREST.

The tiny bird who was in a hurry was just HUNGMOM ALIGN.

When he was looking at the automotive accessories in the store it appeared that the prices JUDE WEAKER PC.

When the musician tried to impress his friends with his ability to improvise, they told him they didn't want to hear ZAT JATZ HALL.

The little doggie was all excited to get the big ham bone until he found that it was more DUEL HH COACH NEWT.

The man convicted of the crime skipped the main meal and went straight to the pie and ice cream because he was getting his DUSTERSS JETS.

He went to the convent looking for loose woman, but when he got there, SHARE NEW NUT.

The formal wear shop tried to find something nice for the man with three arms to wear, but he just LAB UNO WAISTEST.

He thought it would be possible to untangle the tangled mess of rope, but TO WIN TASK.

When he hired the man to drill the hole which produced a lot of gushing water, he decided his money LAW LENT SPEWS.

When his wife asked how his conversation went when he asked his cousin for some apples from his orchard, he said it RUT IWAFFLUS.

The people on the airplane were not particularly comforted to hear their pilot described as WART HE DOONT.

When his father died and his wife said he had to do something about the body, he said he WATER UNKLOUDED to bury him.

The man put many levels of nests in his hen house so that there would be SALE OR SOFTLY.

The geologist went to the night club so frequently because he CROOK DL KITE.

The student didn't want to become a historian because he thought there was no UNTRUE IT IF.

Cain's brother brought a more pleasing offering to God because he was TOOL BE AT ID.

When asked when she was going to do her Christmas shopping she said she would get around to it ANY YUB BUD.

She wanted to trace all the way down her family tree so she could get RAKE SO COT BROTH.

When asked how he knew all his noisy, bleating sheep were accounted for the man taking care of them said that he MELT LARD HEH.

When she tried to blame the earthquake damage on her neighbor because it was his land that shifted during the quake he told her it was SAN OUT FILTH.

When he started the project of cutting down the big tree in his back yard he said it was important that he WIG OH ATHRUST.

When he decided to invest in the stock market his wife said he couldn't do it alone, but that she had to HEAR HER SHAVE.

When the very fussy man contacted the house cleaning service saying he wanted someone who was just right to clean his house, they said they had someone who was DOOR MI TRADE.

Reviewing the essay and seeing a conjunctive adverb which seemed to be a non sequitur, he asked, "What is the HEREEEFER FORTH ROT?"

After the doctor told her she would have a boy she gave birth, and his prediction OUR STAB NOW.

The dog breeder wanted to do an experiment on dog nutrition, and neither his beagle nor his collie were suitable, so he did it HI LAS BIN.

The neighbor's lawn had lots of pretty little white flowers, and his didn't, but he didn't care because he was SICK-A-DALLY-CAA.

He was going to swat the insect so he wouldn't get stung, but Mary, his mother, said to TEE EL BIT.

The billy goat wouldn't let his daughter get a license to drive because she was SKAD I JUT.

She was afraid of her relatives because they were HAD ERE-DRINK.

The space alien was concerned about the nature of earth people and wanted to know, "Is a MAIDN HUNK?"

The yacht owner used to be friendly and congenial all the time, but ever since he ran his boat over that rock he has not been so LEEK-ENVEED.

He didn't want to get in a fight with the guy over the last slice of pie, so he told him he could PEEK TIE CHEEP.

When her husband tried to tell her that all bedding was the same, she said he shouldn't make BATTLES MAKETENNTS.

The cat that the queen always held while sitting on her throne enjoyed being in the FOX UP RALLUY.

When the karate student told her mother she didn't like her new instructor, she said it was nothing IT TUCK ABOOK.

This time when January rolled around he decided he would get up the courage before December was over to dive off from that high bridge, because this SEA A WARE PLAY.

He was afraid to set foot on the mean looking airplane, because it ARE S TALE-JEW.

The ice cream cone danced around real fancy in his corner of the ring, but his opponent said he CHILD MILK COU.

The musician brought a punch of paper bags with him to band rehearsal because he wanted to LATE SKY CHAPS.

He would climb up a tree with saw in hand, count past seven branches, grab the next one, and I-LAMB-IT-HINGE it.

She was looking for an eligible bachelor in the men's club, but couldn't find ION E ANGLES.

The cowboy refused to sign the contract to use his lassoing expertise to do advertisements for the rope company because it contained a BILGELOP OOH.

Uncle Charlie was never the honest type to begin with, but when he got his new dentures he blamed it on TIE HASTE SHELF.

When he was surprised that he had to pay a penalty for breaking the rules, they told him he should have read FIN THEN TRIPE.

The lute trusted the harp but not the other instrument, because it SAY W REAL.

Nobody could sneak into the fish smoking operation who wasn't supposed to be there because they had SOFT OX LOL.

The land developer said he would have no trouble finding the couple a piece of land that was just right to build their house on because LO THE DASH.

The bread baker was always getting after his employees because he was afraid they ALOUD FLOW.

The fleas on the horse asked the flea on the donkey to come over and play, but he refused to come UFO SO OUR BIRTH.

The church had a big membership, and when they all showed up it AIM S SAW BAGS.

Their PCs just didn't have enough power to do the job, so they turned to the other computers so they could TACT TO ME SAT HIKE.

She got out her cosmetics and dolled herself up real nice before going to take the exam because she heard it was a TEAPET MUSK.

She took several side trips along the way, but her journey along the coast of New England was her OUTIE NAMER.

He was eyeballing the woman from Eastern Europe during the chess championship because he wanted a CATCH-MEZE.

The males in the city of horses weren't very happy with their female leader, but they listened to her because she HAS RAW MEET.

He didn't normally engage in food fights, but today was different because he was told he was eating in SHE MELT LASH.

You can listen to a harp seal squeal pleasantly, you can get a humpback whale to echolocate nicely, but you just can't HUNE-I FAST.

In order to show off his water moves the surfer needed some OMOAN NOTICE.

When he told her she lit up his life she knew it was because she was such G DATA MOOCH.

When the movie producer went fishing and couldn't catch anything he was told it was because he had the STRAW CONG.

When the divorcee was complaining about trying to make ends meet, he said it was due to the high CONG IF LOVESAT.

Cinderella wanted to play football but didn't have a CODA COHOG.

The cat asked the barber to cut his hair so that he would look like a rabbit because he wanted a new TYRE SHALE.

The space agency said they intended to send people to Mars by 2022, but in the case of Jupiter they just could LAT PINT-ON.

She needed tires for her new car and the salesman was ready to DWELL HAE DANE.

She liked the guy as he hurried from place to place and found him HIVE GRANDYS.

He normally worked hard grinding flour in his factory, but today he was out MIGRAIN UNDOLL.

The little bug impressed his friends with his strength, proving he was a NOME-I YET.

He was tired of looking at those less graphic magazines and was glad when his Playboy subscription SUN ED-WARE.

His garden wasn't doing very well to start with, but when they passed the marijuana legalization bill in his state it really TETT NO POW.

The janitor who found a winning lottery ticket when he was cleaning up the floor made a WEEEC PLANS.

The man with a back ache went to Egypt looking for a ACCRA-TROOPIR.

He liked watching movies on an old-fashioned film projector because he felt they were the LITH GREEN.

The old lady just couldn't sit still in her chair while listening to the radio because it was playing SKIM OCCUR.

In order to get their land back the Indian tribe went to court to TOURS FIX IO.

The cucumber had been finding himself in some difficult situations lately and now was in a PIKE CELLAR.

The duck wouldn't take the chicken up on his offer because he suspected POLY FLAW.

His kids were proud that he didn't drink beer or other alcoholic beverages. He was just a DOOP SPA.

She kept throwing vegetables to him from across the kitchen so he could make a SADSAD STOLE.

When she went off to study massage therapy her friends all told her to KNIT HE COUPE.

When the road worker wasn't able to show up for work when they were plugging potholes, one of his coworkers said he would FOIL HM NIL FIR.

Instead of borrowing his cousin's fine working instrument, he took the gift of his uncle's old broken guitar that needed repair because he wanted AD RESIGNN THATCOST.

When the frying pan insulted the tea kettle it made him so angry he had to FLOB MOW FEAST.

The hiker was trying to think of something real special to take with him on his mountain climb, but he just couldn't CHIP TO WETU IM.

Whenever the husband would get angry he would go to the tailor's shop to FEAT A HIV.

The tribesman gave up cannibalism because he was TIP IF THUD WE.

The jewelry store owner told her employee that someone might try to steal the timepiece, and so he should be careful to PECK WHEAT.

The Japanese fellow would pay money to eat sushi because he had a NOR YET IF.

John's shadow was always trying to get him to do questionable things, because it was a CYCAD RASHHEART.

When the employee had trouble with the sun glaring in the sub-window, he thought his PROVE USSIR might help.

The father polished his little boy after giving him a bath because he wanted to see HEN SOE HINTS.

The wooden shingle wasn't the best quality, but it was cheap, so the salesman was giving him a AFAR HIKES.

The computer builder went all the way over the mountains to get parts instead of using the local supply store because he wanted R HEAR DAVID.

When the surveyor wasn't sure exactly how far north or south the line was, they said they would allow him TIME OSALUTED.

He wasn't doing well with his exercise routine, but she told him, "Don't be discouraged. Keep RICH PONY-UU.

The farmer couldn't find anyone for a long time to help him move his dead cow, so he had a WET HIGGIB.

The referee carried a cell phone with him while on the field in case he had to LACK A MALE.

When the clock broke into the conversation between the sofa and the chair they said, "You just have IN COMET HI, don't you."

The undertaker couldn't move upward in his career because it WED A NASA DAD.

When he expressed surprise that his counselor told him to take up smoking, she reminded him that he came to her ROD FID CAVE.

The small fish had been eating a lot and was getting to be CURB BEVY-HY.

When the secretary tried to give her opinion to the detective about the document that had been transmitted to them, he said he wanted HAFT JUT SEX.

They refused to include the senator's comments in the poll results because they didn't consider him to IT PERESBEVETERAN.

The marmot was a fussy eater, and if he didn't like something he CLUCK-HUDOW it into the trash bin.

When the head of the committee replaced all the seats in the conference room, he didn't replace the beat up old table because he was MAT INCHERHA.

The blood donor was having problems with his left arm, so the other arm was the OTTER SUE IN HOG.

The gear and the pulley were tired of being pushed around by the axle and felt they had THEN BEDSAFE.

When the head of the tribe called the medicine man to him he said that the pain in his knee was his COMPACHIE FLINT.

The blondes' club wouldn't admit the head of the book club because she was A HADA DEER.

When the Bedouin chiefs got together to party they liked to dance HOKIE HE SKITS.

He tried to mimic the chicken's calls, but it was a IICTIMATE PHONE.

He moved to a mountain community with his teenage son because he wanted him to go to I SLOG HOCHAH.

He had been complaining about how his clothes weren't getting very clean, so his wife said to him, "PURCE HE! I bought a different detergent."

They charged him money every time he wiped his hands because he was using WET ARE SLOPPY.

He spent a thousand dollars for the new front door so he could make a TRANC ENDANGER.

When he asked his wife why she served him the beans cold, she said, "Because HI IT SLICE."

He had so many links to click on get to his inbox that he was afraid he was going to get MANIC HAIL.

The rooster was tired of his old hen, so looking around the barnyard and picking out a younger one, he exclaimed, "Look IT TACK HATCH!"

The knights and the bishops joined the king and queen in watching the wet t-shirt contest, because they enjoyed a good THATS MECCH.

When the god of thunder sent an electric bolt that charred off half of what his wagon was carrying, the man thanked the god for DILATIONS GIG LHHN.

The man decided to learn sign language because he thought it would be YEAR HYVAN.

The beaver was having a hard time cutting the tree down, but his friend told him to keep GAYPANIC WHIP at it.

When the power was draining out of their electric equipment and enemy troops stood in the way of the troops getting to the electric facility, the commander said to HADRAH GRACE.

The archeologist was distraught because his life INU IS WARNS.

He wants some breakfast cereal, so he EECH OX SET what he has.

Seeing that he didn't have money for the expensive cut of meat, he bought the cheaper one, realizing that he IDA HA CHANCE.

He pursued her and pursued her trying to seduce her, but she was just ACE TOOTHS.

When he saw what a fine pattern it made in the wet concrete after he laid down and had his friend push him down into it, he SAM WISSPERED .

When insects became airborne from around her footwear, and her friend pointed it out, she just said, "FILE HOSES don't bother me."

They wouldn't normally go to a singles bar since they were a couple, but it was SAWD-TOY.

Jack and Jill were such slow walkers that by the time they reached the top and started down the other side they were LOVE HER LITH.

Your teddy bear won't eat if you take in on a picnic because it is DRAFTEY FUSELAD.

He enjoyed cutting the wool off from his sheep, and considered it a GLIDE HEARTHS.

When the lions killed the woman who was thrown down to them in the colosseum the mean man who was in the arena along with her was HEAR-EL-HAD-GET.

He had his name imprinted on all his sports equipment so he was LA HEN BLOT.

The tendon was squeezing up so hard it made the muscle hurt, so the muscle said, "It sure is REPRICE ME HAND."

She didn't like the pot smoker on her front lawn and told him to get SHE FAG FROST.

The nurse told the blood donor that the idea was to give the stick a squeeze every few seconds to help the blood flow well, but the donor didn't seem to be PIGTRAIN GS.

When she asked if he was finding any small gifts for the kids at Christmas he said he was GUNKCOST PI.

When she spilled a drop of wine on her dress she couldn't wait around and had to get something for it OH NOT PEST.

The little cheddars had respect for the larger mozzarella because he was BEG HEC SHETIE.

The highway contractor tried to build nice ramps up onto the highway, but he just couldn't MEAT ARK HEDGE.

The farmer had a hard time thinking about switching to growing vegetables, because raising wheat and barley was just so HI-GRIND-II AN MEN.

NASA's spacecraFt was programmed PE ROBOT any aliens it might meet.

Having twelve dozen rotten tomatoes GO SSIRS.

When asked if all his clothes were as rough and tattered as the ones he was wearing he said, "I'm F-YEARAS DO."

He hated his job removing the seeds from the peaches in the canning factory; he said it SAT HIP STEW.

When the rock climber left his friends in suspense in the middle of his story about his climb up El Capitan, he did so intentionally because it was a FLING CHAFER.

The bigoted black guy wouldn't write in the Hispanic guy's name on the ballot because he wasn't HE TIN CARE.

When stupid people do ridiculous things it can have a GIT BIM-CAP.

The gambler had been have a losing streak, but now he WET BREAST.

It was the last semester required to finish his four-year degree, and she was glad it would soon TENT-HI-GRIME.

The Jewish fellow had a recipe for beer, and his friends asked each other, "Will WITHER BE?"

Nobody wanted to talk to the worms that were eating holes in the ears of corn because they BEER WORSE.

The Klingons and Vulcans came to earth to watch the runners compete because they wanted to see the MARCH ANUE.

When the aquarium keeper was caught riding on the back of a dolphin he tried to explain that the whole thing was just an accident, but they didn't believe him and said that he did it PI SPOONERO.

Just because he had pulled so hard on his suspenders was no reason to be UP GOTSHIT.

When the church called to find out about the status of its order of prayer books, it was told that they DEW-HOPPIRS.

When the god of weather was invited to join the hunting party on that drizzly day he said he would bring his BOAR-WIN.

He thought he could kidnap the rich guy's young daughter and hold her for ransom, but found out it was a SEAT-SKIM.

When he saw what a fine job they did picking legumes in the garden he said, "You're GAUL OLD-POPE."

When the famous golfer came across some old balls he thought tkhey were no big deal, but his friends thought they were FUN-DROOP.

He told them he used to have a large garden in the rear of his property, because they asked about his DUNK-CROBAG.

He made the prisoners write down their stories because he wanted the information OX INC-TENT.

He wanted people to know about his dream that he saw on his spirit quest, so he invented LIVE-T-LAISON.

His vision was getting worse, and nothing he had tried yet had helped, so if he was going to get any better he knew he would have to MOVIES-PREY.

The beaver watched the fellow using his ax to shape a beam out of a log and said, "That's a MALE WAR-HEN".

She was going to lend him the money, but after she told him the terms of the loan, it turned out he didn't have TEN TESTHIRE.

To sing the aria in the musical play was considered a great TRITE-PANE-YOU.

The spider decided it was time to step into the computer age, so he picked a good WEE-BITS.

The hotel chain wanted to make their name, including their number, bigger on the sign, but the city would not LATHER-GLITE it.

He was trying to figure out how to communicate with the deaf person, so when someone walked up doing hand gestures he took that as a GOIN DOGS.

He could see that she was determined to finish making her dress during their camping trip, because she was WET IN-NEST.

My friend told me that my uncle said once in the past that I had a great future, but I was PEN ROTTENS.

The farmer's jeans had no holes or ragged edges, so their condition was VALORED LOGO.

They tried to make sense of the treaty that the previous manarchs had made, but they just couldn't understand the WINS-GREEK of it.

The army commander removed all the left-handed men from his army, but that was HAT GRILL.