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I have various games and puzzles on this page. I hope you like them. Please give some of them a try and let me know what you think. Do you like them? Do you hate them? Is there something I could do to make them more fun or exciting? Any feedback you might provide would be greatly appreciated.


Okay, these may not be the fancy, hi-tech, hi-graphics games that you find at some other sites, but I think you still might find them fun.

Geography Game A game where you have to estimate distances between points on the earth.

Which came first? A game to see if you know your beginnings from your ends!

Bird Counting. A game of speed. How quick can you count a flock of birds?

How about a Poetry Game?

Coffee Pot: A game of homonyms

Perhaps you would like to practice your Boggle game.


Would you like to do some word puzzles where you have to put the sentence back together?

Would you like to play Anagrams?

Here are some more anagrams that involve words used in sentences.

And here are some Missing Vowels word puzzles.

How are you at guessing the definitions of obscure words?

Here are some Geographical Name Sentences that you might wrap your brain around.

Daffynitions. Can you guess the word to go with the silly definition?

Can you guess what foods are represented by these pictures?

And these aren't puzzles or games, but you still might find them interesting:

Would you like to cheat at playing Jumble and see all the permutations of a set of letters?
(Of course, if you really want to cheat and see all the actual words that can be made by a set of letters you can just go to Definition I Am.)

Want to calculate the population of the earth?