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I have at times wondered if I had a problem with my sense of humor. It seemed that often people would tell jokes and I would sit there and try to figure out what was funny about it, while everyone else broke down in laughter. Then one day I figured it out. I finally came to the realization that there are so many ludicrous and hilarious things have happened everyday in life, that the humor of made-up jokes generally pales by comparison. So I decided to start compiling some of the actual events that happened in my everyday life that illustrated this. This is the result. I hope you enjoy it.


Are You Listening

Thanks For the Info
Deja Vu
Not Forgotten
Which Account Was That?
Again For New
Ice Cream Follies
To Refrigerate or Not to Refrigerate
Lunch (exactly) at Noon
Counting to Three
Enunciate Now!
Good Timing!

Say That Again!

Small Car-Pools Preferred
Every word
Letís seeÖ, make that dry. No, make it wet!
Just a Dog
Tough Cat?
Ask Me Anything
Ms. Nobody
Wendy's, Where Are You?
Now Thatís Hot!
Limited Help
Not so fast!

Signs of The Times

You Want Me or Not?
Helpful Labels
Missing Bite
Hot and Cold
Three Shoes?
Clean Hands
Save the Deer
Lean on Me
What Do You Drive?
What time is that?

Big Help!

Apple Toss
Clearly Marked
Wet Delivery
Your Local Post Office
Voicemail, Voicemail, Where Art Thou?
The Right Application

They Pay You to Do This?

Tough Questioning
Be Specific
Where Are You?
Remember Me?
Weather Report
Drunk Driver
Clear Enough

Where Is That Place, Now?

What State Is That?
Where Do I Live, Now?
What Country Is That?
New to Town?


Getting Better
Fine Print
Specially High
That's All?
To Internet or not to Internet...
Crystal Clear
You Want Me or Don't You?

Yours Truly

Where Is That Street?
Which Kind of Truth?
Where Is That Pad?
Line Switching
Where Are Those Letters?
Tippy Seats
Game Time
Where Is That Phone?
Serves you right!
Remember those chairs!
Nice Shirt!

On The Road Again

Which Way Here?
Follow the Signal
Who's Slow?
Courteous Driver
Watch Out for Those Peds!

And More...

Clean Air Act(ions)
Speak for Yourself
New Toaster
How Much Is That?
Thank You, Whoever You Are
Open Up Now
They Just Keep Popping Up
Not Quite Official
Where Is That News?
Follow the Instructions
My Shortest Letter
Where Are You?
Where Is That Paper?
Calling Back
What is That Roadway?
That All May Eat
Unusual(ly Small) Activity
How Much Was That?
Small Town

And how would you like to read my new Holy Book (click with reverence!) that I am writing to start my new religion?