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I have made up a bunch of "brain teasers", that I hope will challenge your mental abilities a little bit. Keep checking back. I expect to have more to share in the future.

What's Wrong Here?
Susie Storyteller #1
Susie Storyteller #2
Those Marxists
Do You Register
To Continue or Not To Continue
Aunt Edna's Vote
Poor Riches
Sam's Vote
Candidate X
Calendar Gift
SG Atlantis #1
SG Atlantis #2
Which Statement?
Wrong Price

Science and Math
Freddy Flyaway Returns
Heavier Molecule
Which Way Is South?
Galileo's Descendent
Heavier Cans
How Big Is the Sun?
How Much Wire?

The Earth
Round and Round
Return to Greenland
Across the Ocean
Time to Read
Planning for Warmer Weather
Circumnavigating the Earth

Some Interesting Calculations
40 Days and 40 Nights
G Force
All Those People!
Big Allowance
Keeping Up With Santa Claus
Intelligent Life
Rising Oceans
Mountain On A Ball
Big Mole
Solar System Model
Atmospheric Thickness
Travelling the System
Mars or Bust
Voyage to A. Centauri
Land, Ho!

Word Chopping
Not So Much Alike
What's Next
Long Verb
Time Jumping
Fair Trial
Change Is Possible

Not so trivial
Some factoids and calculations that may give you pause to think!
Watery Burger
Godly Nation?
High Mileage
The Blues
Biblical Justice
A morbid figure
Paying for college
Big Defense
A Lot of Killing
Dangerous Living
What a Blast!
Going up, up, up!

A bit more trivial
These may not be so "weighty" to think about, but perhaps still a little more than just "trivial".
Opposite Earth
Fast Travel
Arable Land
Star Trip
Land Size
Slow Aging
Penny Pick-Up
Large Bodies
Cold Bodies

Here are a few that I didn't make up, but I particularly like and would like to share.
Finding Her Way Back
Double, Double, Double

And More Stuff

If you like these brain teasers you might also like the puzzles that I have on the Games page.

And, well, this isn't a brain teaser, but, just for the hell of it, would you like to see all the
prime numbers through 10,000?

Want to calculate the population of the earth? (No, not a brainteaser either, but you may find it interesting.)

Want to see an optical illusion?