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I have written some songs to my own music, and other songs using (stealing?) other people's tunes. I have grouped the songs below into two groups. The first group is a bunch of old hymns that I have rewritten with "secularized" lyrics. I used to sing these songs when I was a young fella, but I don't believe in the messages that the original songs contained. So, a number of years back I rewrote a bunch of them so that I could continue to sing the music, but do so honestly. I have written a few more in recent times. If you are a dedicated Christian, you may not like this approach -- feel free to ignore these. If you think that you would enjoy them, though, then please check them out. There are some serious ones and some lighter-hearted ones.
The second group are songs that I have written to my own music. Once again, some are serious and some "not-so-serious". Only the words appear here. If any of them strike you in a special way, you may feel free to contact me and we can talk about the music.


Sorry! I have taken down the rewritten hymns in preparation for publishing my new "hymnal", which will have lots of rewritten hymns. You can check on my progress of both my "hymnal" and my "holybook".


Serious Stuff!!
Until Everyone We're Seeing

Funny Stuff!!
Oh, Yes She Loves Me
Old Josh Parker
Roll Out the Millions
The Smoker's Song

Fun-But-Not-Funny Stuff.
Blueberry Raking Song
Land of Enchantment

I also have a bunch of songs I have written about abortion that you can find (music and all) at AbortionReason.com.