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I have written some songs to my own music, and other songs using (stealing?) other people's tunes. I have grouped the songs below into two groups. The first group is a bunch of old hymns that I have rewritten with "secularized" lyrics. I used to sing these songs when I was a young fella, but I don't believe in the messages that the original songs contained. So, a number of years back I rewrote a bunch of them so that I could continue to sing the music, but do so honestly. I have written a few more in recent times. If you are a dedicated Christian, you may not like this approach -- feel free to ignore these. If you think that you would enjoy them, though, then please check them out. There are some serious ones and some lighter-hearted ones.
The second group are songs that I have written to my own music. Once again, some are serious and some "not-so-serious". Only the words appear here. If any of them strike you in a special way, you may feel free to contact me and we can talk about the music.


Sorry! I have taken down the rewritten hymns in preparation for publishing my new "hymnal", which will have lots of rewritten hymns. Please "stay tuned" for a publication date!


Serious Stuff!!
Until Everyone We're Seeing

Funny Stuff!!
Oh, Yes She Loves Me
Old Josh Parker
Roll Out the Millions
The Smoker's Song

Fun-But-Not-Funny Stuff.
Blueberry Raking Song
Land of Enchantment

I also have a bunch of songs I have written about abortion that you can find (music and all) at AbortionReason.com.