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A credit card company sent me a check for my "Schwartz credit". If I understood correctly, there was some kind of a lawsuit and the credit card company was forced to reimburse its customers. On account of this situation I received the grand some of 3 cents applied to my credit card account. Since I couldn't think of anything that I needed to rush right out and buy for 3 cents I proceeded to ignore it until I received a check in the mail one day for my "Schwartz credit". On the line where the amount is written in figures was the amount $.03. However on the line where the amount is written out was the amount "zero dollars and .03 cents". I considered writing the company and asking them how I was supposed to cash a check for 3 one-hundreds of a cent, but I didn't bother. I figured that would have made me as foolish as the credit card company was to spend 37 cents postage to send me a 3-cent check!