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I decided to write to Wendy's to let them know what I thought about the incredible amount of waste they produce in the process of feeding people. I called my local Wendy's store to ask them the address so that I could write a letter to Wendy's. They were unable to provide this information. (Wendy's? Who are they?)

I was instructed to call the local business office and was given the number to do so. I called this number and got an answering machine where I left my request to know the address for Wendy's. I did not get a callback within the next 24 hours, so I called again, and this time was lucky enough to speak to a real person. When I asked her for the address for Wendy's she wanted to know which store I wanted to contact. I told her I did not wish to contact an individual store, but that I wanted to contact the company known as Wendy's, of which, as far as I know, there was only one. She informed me that there was no such company!

However, after a little prodding and explaining why I wanted the address she finally came through and provided me with the address for Wendy's International in Dublin, Ohio. I was relieved to know that Wendy's did indeed have a home and that, while all these restaurants did millions of dollars worth of business each day, the poor folks at Wendy's International didn't have to sit out in the cold.