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I have two volunteer jobs that I am doing. One is working on a non-profit organization's website. The other is to help out with the teaching of a class on personal finances. It doesn't matter too much what I wear to the first job, but for the second one I figure I should wear something rather nice, since I am representing the organization to the people attending the class.

So on this particular day it happened that I had the second volunteer job immediately following after the first. However, when I left the house for the first job I forgot that I was going to the second one right after, so I had on some less-than-rather-nice clothes. I realized this as I ended my shift at the first job, so I made a mad dash home, raced into the house, grabbed a pair of pants and a shirt, rapidly changed, raced out of the house and felt good when I managed to still arrive at the second job on time whithout those ugly old things on.

It wasn't until I got home again that I looked down and saw the the shirt that I had hastily chosen was a stained up old thing not a whole lot better than the one I started out with. Good thing I raced home and changed, huh?!