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Geography Game

This is a game in which you see how good you are at estimating distances between major world cities and other locations. Look at the two cities/locations named below and estimate (Okay, just guess, if that's the best you can do!) the distance between them "as the crow flies". You will be given 10 pairs, and each time your degree of error will be calculated. At the end, the average percent of error will be calculate to see how good you are. You can then use the following scale to judge your performance.

          Less than 5% average error: Incredible! Consider applying for the presidency of "The Geographers Society of Planet Earth"!
          Between 5% and 10% error: Still damn good! Maybe you can apply for vice president.
          Between 10% and 15% error: Okay, that's still pretty respectable. You still get my vote of confidence.
          Between 15% and 20% error: You're starting to slip a little. Might be time to brush up a little on your geography.
          Between 20% and 30% error: Okay, you're slipping more than just a little. Better brush up quite a bit.
          Between 30% and 40% error: That brush-holding arm is gonna get real sore!
          Between 40% and 50% error: You ain't gonna be my travel guide!
          Greater than 50% error: Go back to whatever planet you came from!!

Do you wish to use kilometers, like the advanced peoples of the Earth, or do you wish to use miles, like those backwards Americans?
Alright, just for the heck of it, how good do you really think you are, anyway?

Oh, and one little hint that might help you. The game has been programmed to not allow cities/locations that are closer than 5 degrees of arc (about 350 miles or 550 kilometers) apart.