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For each of the following sentences see if you can think of the name of a place on planet earth that, if inserted into the blank, would sound like the correct words to make a legitimate sentence that makes sense. If you absolutely can't think of a place that would work you can click on the blank to display the answer. (And then kick yourself in the butt for not thinking of it!) All of the names are of either cities, states/provinces or countries. There are no names of rivers, mountains, deserts, etc. I have taken a little bit of "writer's liberty" on some of them, so they may not match the pronunciation exactly, but should be close enough for you to guess the answer.

(Note: You must have Javascript enabled to see the answers.)

If you're ________ then put on a sweater.

The decision from Citizens ________ that organizations can donate money just like people.

Martha is broke right now, but maybe you can have ________ you the money.

Can you make a person who plays ________ the value of playing badminton?

The fellow Emma is going out with is a real jerk, but the ________ is seeing is pretty cool.

If you are going hunting, you can take bow and arrows ________ .

He has hit the ________ outfields than any other player.

Those in the ________ a lot of death and carnage.

She has to take the time to make sure her work is accurate, so don't ________ .

If ________ your neck you might get a better view.

I am having a hard time here, ________ help me out a minute?

In case it might help ________ therapy is being developed for that condition.

If you want a curved piece of wood, draw an ________ it out!

Before I play pool ________ up the balls.

No matter how much you say it is true, I just can't believe it ________ .

His hiking boots are gray, but his ________ .

"You're Living But You Got No ________ .

How much ________ are you frying that stuff in?

Don't go over there. ________ !

He came, he saw, he ________ .

The mouse ________ if he doesn't want to get stepped on.

If you don't want something big to drink, then just have a ________ .

One won't do it, but a ________ enough.

Go to the ________ down the street and get some sliced ham.

I saw your ________ your dad walking down the street.

Pa's horse is doing great, but ________ has seen better days.

Is brown cow, or ________ ?.

If you want to hear a ________ the trigger on the gun and then pull it.

What kind of blood do you have? I have ________ .

If you put it in a ________ will carry it out for you.

Although necessary in war, what is a ________ in times of peace?

Your bill is ________ the 15th.

A ________ T give you the abbreviation for Vermont.

I hate being in debt, but the fact of the matter is ________ over a hundred dollars.

His parents aren't taking very good care of that kid. I found a ________ on his head!

When you get dressed to go out in messy weather you put one ________ and then the other.

A ________ better than no fruit at all.

If you want lots of sand, go find a ________ .

If you are looking to go rowing, the ________ up against the dining room wall.

This isn't the old job. This is the ________ we are doing.

Click on the ________ the webpage if you want to go to the other site.

The traditional way ________ to become one is to get married.

When the weather gets too hot in the desert, neither animals ________ will be found.

She's such a Jezebel. What does that ________ in her?!

If you want the concrete to be solid, be sure to ________ lot.

The color of her ________ a lot to her beauty.

If the frog in your ________ away, you may not catch it again.

Use a cookie ________ if you want them all to be the same.

________ make a good hedge because it is so prickly.

A dog lady can take her pet to the park for a run, but what can a ________ ?

________ good, but a pineapple is better.

Peasants are obligated to pay their taxes, but what does a ________ to the peasants.

I'd like to find a way in, but the window ________ closed.

I know you said you disinfected real good, but I'm going to get my microscope and see if I see a ________ where.

________ as fast as I could but couldn't catch up to her.

I was able to work things out with Dave, but I'm going to have to ________ to get my money back from him.

Are you going to stay home and stay sober, or are you going to go out and ________ on.

I will use ________ grouting to redo my bathroom walls.

Picking up ________ a hard way to earn a buck.

Why did they let that ________ free? He should have stayed in prison.

Hiring lab ________ important if you're going to run a research facility.

Did you see any ________ while you were out sailing?

I'm not going to stop at this island. I'm going to ________ to the next.

If you're ever going to accomplish your goals you're going to have to show some ________ enthusiasm.

Does he tell a good story, or does he ________ song?

He isn't going to travel down south, ________ up north.

The lions in that ________ their territory a long way around it.

I understand how guys think, but I just can't understand what ________ .

I know when Ilsa planted, but when did ________ ?

Will the ________ money to those who really need it the most?

You are a tricky devil! Who will ________ today?

The sharp ________ helps it to dig into the ocean bottom.

When you reach the ________ at the second pier.

When they ring the ________ three will take it's recess.

First Edna will clean the bathroom. Then I will ________ clean the kitchen.

If you want to talk to the guy sawing the lumber, use the ________ -talkie!

When he is wearing his ________ police are happy to see Batman.

That ________ much easier to sing than the other one.

The ________ purpose of all this is to see how sharp you all are.

Are the folks who live down in the ________ of what is going on up here?

The flag ________ is nearly 50 feet in the air.

If ________ his efforts you will see he is doing a good job.