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I heard an old, old story. Some crusades, oh, so gory.
They went into the holy land and attacked them all with glee.
Raping and plundering, pillaging and blundering,
They marched right in for Jesus to win the victory.

I heard about the church and its Inquisition search
To root out everyone they thought was speaking heresy.
They tortured and they jailed them, beheaded and impaled them,
They rooted out all reasoned thought and won the victory.

I heard about the fighting, the hatred and the spiting,
Between the Protestants and Catholics down through history.
They fought and killed each other, their sisters and their brothers,
To prove which ones were more Christ-like and won the victory.

I heard about the trials of those witches, oh, so vile.
Mean old women casting spells and singing out of key.
Burn them at the stake, oh, what a sight they make.
We'll praise our God and clap our hands and march to victory.

Oh, victory in Jesus, my savior, forever.
All the enemies of God we'll silence and we'll kill.
Heretics and heathen, tolerate them never.
Young and old and strong and weak will send them straight to hell.

© Copyright 2017, Ward Ricker