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I saw my love a month ago for the first time in my life.
I walked right up and boldly asked if she would be my wife.
She looked at me as if to say, "Have you lost your sanity?"
Didn't say a word, acted like it was absurd, and kicked me right in the knee.

I saw my love the second time, 'twas in the market place.
I was sniffing peaches fresh and sweet when I saw her lovely face.
In I' aisle number eight to test my fate I got down on my knees.
"Not a chance," she said and stepped on my head so she could reach the cheese.

The third time that I saw her I was walking down the street.
I looked across and saw her face so lovely and so sweet.
I crossed over and told her I just couldn't pass her by.
She slapped my face, said I was a disgrace, and spit in my left eye.

I know she's only kidding when she yells, "Please go away!"
Deep inside I know she cares. It's just her way to play.
I know one day the warmth and thrill of her kiss I will know.
I just don't know why she starts to cry every time I tell her so.

Well, listen all you kind young men whose efforts have been spurned.
Persistence its rewards will bring; here's a lesson to be learned.
My love said she'll go out with me. My lonely heart she'll please.
I only have to wait for our first date until hell itself does freeze.

Oh yes, she loves me. I know she loves me.
I can see it in her eyes.
She may shout, she may yell, "Such an egg! Go to hell!"
It's just love in disguise.